Fernand Veyrier



Web clipper that connects to all of your favorite productivity apps.

Tired of manually switching between multiple tabs to make tasks and notes? Do you often postpone or forget to do it?

Transform your browser into a productivity powerhouse. With a simple marker, create tasks and reminders across multiple productivity apps without ever leaving your current workflow.

Use Markurz for Chrome to:
• Simply mark anything on your web browser and watch as your tasks, seamlessly integrate to your preferred productivity apps.
• You will never ever leave what you are currently working on to create a task, helping you stay focused and productive.

Do more on Markurz website :
• Connect with your favorite productivity apps.
• Track recent history of tasks that you’ve created.

With access your favorite productivity app integrations like Trello, Notion, Jira, Google Tasks, and Todoist, Markurz will quickly become your hub for managing tasks, reminders and notes.

Try it now at Markurz!

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